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Egg Collection System

Egg Collection System

Egg Collection System
1.Salient features of egg collection system
2.Collected eggs transfer to a cross conveyor ( available with zucami rod-link conveyor)
3.Elevator system and egg saver system incorporated
4.Multi-tier collection
5.This system minimizes multiple transfers and there by egg breakage.

We propose two different systems, by lifter or by elevator. Each row includes one of these automatic egg collection systems. The eggs gently transferred to the conveyor, for later storage and grading.

Our systems minimise the percentage of eggs rejected due to breakages, cracks or dirt.

Features :
• Unique design on the market.
• Quick installation.
• Excellent production results.
• Comfortable and easy to use.
• Feed Feeding System By self -Propelled Hoppers or By chain feeding , we ensure the birds receive their daily feed ration , consistently and equally.
• Quality and durability.
• Adaptable to European Animal Welfare Regulations.
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