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Omega Weldedmesh Co. Pvt. Ltd.

We are Manufacturer Of Electrically Welded Wire Mesh & Fabrics, Commercial Chick Cages, Commercial Grower Cages, Commercial Layer Cages, Broiler Parent Cages, Wire Mesh, Wire Knitting, Wires, Fencing Wire, Poultry Cages Weld Mesh

Produced in strict compliance to the set industrial norms, our goods are acknowledged for their exceptional service life. Having a great abrasion and heat tolerance, the low maintenance attribute of such goods make them a top choice in the global market.

Why Choose
Omega Weldedmesh ?

Our cages are heavily galvanized and have a guaranteed life of Minimum 15 years. The cages are tested for the following aspects :

- Superior Welding Strength
- Measurement accuracy for Optimum Shed Space Utilization
- Ductility and Sturdiness of the cage wire for appropriate bending, fabrication, etc.
- Counters effects of Manure/Litter and hence resists the acidic impact of the same.
- Resistance to Corrosion.

We are manufacturing
Poultry Equipment for all types and breeds of Poultry Birds like

For Commercial Layer
- Layer Bird
- Brooder Chicks
- Commercial Grower

For Broiler Breeder
- Parent Bird
- Parent Chicks
- Grower Bird
Layer-Bird Brooder-Chicks Commercial-Grower Broiler-Breeder Parent-Chicks

We are also Exporting

We are also exporting cage material to countries like U.A.E., Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania, Zambia and other pockets in the Middle-Eastern and African Regions.